Mediterranean Moods: High Summer 3 for Bless’ed Are The Meek

For High Summer 2013 Bless’ed Are the Meek’s Senior Designer Maria Maung took inspiration from the ethereal nature of Grecian and Turkish landscapes. Modern architecture was referenced through the silhouettes, whilst intricate embroidery mirrored the traditional arches of Ancient Greek relics. A linear artwork, reminiscent of the tessellation of mosaics and tiling, was integrated as a focal print. Along with the kaleidoscope abstraction of a butterfly, these prints were rendered under a colour palette of bold monochrome, mysterious violets and radiating hues of orange, evocative of the serenity of Mediterranean sunsets.

fabulous-sunset-309424 sunset OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 2476_304 457706234_530545840d pink-sunset-lonely-tree-nature-1920x1200 InkBlot 6670397859_60db303063_zmonsoonarrival butterfly mosaic tumblr_mdlgndVkMx1qa9mbeo1_500 tumblr_m6pe1cK5re1r8ry0xo1_500 tumblr_mhuyzmRPSQ1r08feco1_500Untitled stock-footage-abstract-rorschach-ink-blot-test-with-glows Dancer in Motion textureUflamingoUfeathers 9833ad372c1cdb60a3855e01070a9cba Moon 7_bluecarpet-detail1 Mosaic Sculpturetumblr_mbrfrmTZvb1r0kvoro1_500contemporary-3-D-wall-tiles-1 charcoal antony-gormley_1_905-640x480 modern-architecture-building4 166942-stock-photo-sky-blue-black-architecture-gray-building 9cb249b134fc780d235bc7b29c08aa3ee4594234_m architecture-photography31 tumblr_mibtxufm2n1qdwo7go1_500 Slinkey Study in Black and White arches tumblr_mvhm1hRwAU1s39m1yo1_500 Untitled

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